Business Process Effectiveness

If you go to the Sales > Reports [1.1.] > Sales Process Effectiveness [1.2.] page, you can see how many leads were generated during a given period and whether they have become Won or Lost.



If you click on a status, you will see the following:

  • Source statuses [2.1.]: It shows the percentage of cards that were newly added to the selected status; and also the status they had been moved from.

  • Destination statuses [2.2.]: It shows the statuses which cards were moved to, from the selected status.


Filter conditions

Information is displayed according to the following settings.

Opportunity created at [3.1.]

Select a period that you want to examine.

Status [3.2.]

Choose a Status group whose statuses you want to examine.

Follow Days [3.3.]

Select an option to view which statuses cards were added to after their creation.

Grouping [3.4.]

Grouping depends on the period that you have selected previously.

For example, if you are examining a one-year period, it is recommended to select Monthly grouping. But if you are examining a one-month period, it is recommended to select Weekly or Full grouping.

Owner [3.5.]

Choose an Owner from the active ones or select the Everyone option. If you select an owner, you can view the performance of the user. If you select the Everyone option, you can view the performance of the company.