Work Time Efficiency

On the Reports [1.1.] > Work Time Efficiency [1.2.] page you can find information about the work efficiency of users.

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The efficiency of users is calculated based on:

  • project activity
  • calls: call statistics are produced based on Android sync

Filter conditions

Closing date of Task [2.1.]

Select a period that you want to examine.

Follow days [2.2.]

Select an option to examine how users’ work efficiency has changed x days after the closing date of the task.

Owner [2.3.]

Choose an Owner from the system or select the Everyone option.

If you select an owner, you can examine the efficiency of a particular user (salesperson).

The following aspects are examined:

  • Customer Acquisition: leads became customers during the period that you examine
  • Customer Retention: clients remained customers during the period that you examine
  • Customer loss: customers became “Lost” during the period that you examine
  • Other: no changes were made.

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If you click on a number in the table, all relevant cards are listed.

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